is the practice of correcting any neuro-musculoskeletal dysfunctions in the body by restoring joint and soft tissue mechanics to resume pain free movement. Our clinicians perform this through specialised treatments of manual and manipulative physiotherapy for recovery from injuries, prevention, and maintenance of your body’s joint mechanics. Our therapists are experts in understanding the biomechanics of human movement and can help you reach your highest level of functioning by performing comprehensive assessments through movement analysis, gait analysis, functional movements, sports-specific and fitness level assessments to best diagnose a patient’s problem and develop individualised treatment plan.
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There are many tools that are used in Physiotherapy to progress patients to reach their pain-free goals. Our main tool used in all Disc Clinics is Manual Therapy. Unlike the common physiotherapy practice of relying on machines and modalities such as ultrasound, which are only used for temporary pain relief, our physiotherapists use a variation of hands-on skills taught concurrently from their orthopedic manual therapy programs such as:

  • Joint mobilisation, spinal and peripheral joint manipulations
  • Sports injuries such as ankle sprains, or muscle strain/tear
  • Soft tissue therapy such as trigger point and myofascial release, dural stretching and massage
  • Dry Needling
  • Medical Acupuncture
  • Concurrent Exercise Prescriptions for Corrective Exercises to be taught by the Physiotherapist and/or Referrals to Movement Therapists

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Imad Daher

Anna Schuur Garrido

Céline Khoury Samia

Jovee Manlunas

Laia Monelon
Sports Physiotherapist

Meshaal Al-Fadhli

Some of the common conditions we treat include:

  • Chronic conditions such as neck or back pain
  • Disc Related Pain with or without Nerve Pain referral
  • Foot problems related to arches
  • Headaches- Chronic Tension or Migraines
  • Posture Correction
  • Repetitive or sudden muscle or ligament strains and or sprains, strains or tears resulting from sports injuries and daily life
  • Post-operative conditions such as ligament reconstructions, fractures, disc, joint reconstruction
  • Ageing disorders such as osteoarthritis, degenerative discs
  • Desk/ Workstation Related Pain
  • Return to work programming after injury
  • Women’s health- Pre and Post Natal issues that develop during and after pregnancy. I.e. Back pain, nerve pain, pelvic floor weakness causing urine leakage, return to pre-pregnancy shape
  • General Maintenance post recovery from injury
  • Prehabilitation – to prevent injuries from happening

Our aim is to restore people back to pain free movement and promote a healthier lifestyle through improving posture, habits, and education to prevent dysfunction and risk of re-injury. No matter what combination of manual therapy, soft tissue techniques, dry needling or acupuncture; this should be combined with prescribed exercise to facilitate a full recovery from any musculoskeletal problem.