Movement Therapists 

are our exercise experts with background of training in either Kinesiology, Sports Science or Human Movement Sciences. Patients are referred by any of our physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors and or physicians. We are calling them Movement Therapists as exercise is their form of treatment. Movement therapists are also known as kinesiologists, exercise therapists, strength and conditioning coaches, and or sports therapists.

Our movement therapist team completes the rehabilitation process by:

  • Prescribing and progressing exercises appropriate to the stages of tissue healing after an injury or post-operative procedure
  • Provide global and regional strengthening to allow complete recovery from all injuries
  • Correct painful and non-painful movement dysfunctions and improper training patterns
  • Postural Re-education
  • Provide long-term injury prevention and pain management whether its posture or sports related, building muscle to combat osteoporosis, weight loss to improve cardiovascular state, or to prevent extra stress on the spine.
  • Screening tests to prevent injuries
  • Training Programs to develop sport specific skills
  • Return to Sport Conditioning Programs

Ayesha Samuels

Many patients fear movement due to associating it with pain; being immobile can actually increase mental and physical stress thus slowing down the healing. Prescribed exercise programs will not only physically benefit the patient, it will:

  • Alleviate mental stress
  • influence a change in habits
  • Have better long-term outcome for the patient, especially when offered inhouse in a collaborative
  • medical setting.

As part of our integrated program, each patient will be seen first by either one of our physiotherapists or osteopaths before seeing one of our movement therapists to complete our comprehensive and integrated team approach. This provides medical clearance for exercise programs to begin with our movement therapists which can happen the same day after initial physiotherapy or osteopathy initial visit, or at a later date depending on the individual’s treatment needs.